Monday, 30 May 2016


The paired up Perez's Frogs did actually lay eggs in my friend's shop in Enfield.

They have also now not only hatched but were free swimming when I was in there next.

Here are a few videos which includes some Iguanas, Chameleon and a Glass Lizard ...

A Glass Lizard ...

A Veiled Chameleon, or Yemen Chameleon ...

Couple of Green Iguanas ...

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

PEREZ'S FROG IN AMPLEXUS (Pelophylax perezi)

In a friends store he has some unusual looking Perez's Frogs without much blotching, if it all and I need to look close.

These have gone into amplexus and might breed.

I might raise some youngsters if they do?

Once again this is a store in Baker Street in Enfield.

Saturday, 14 May 2016


If your into Budgies and Lovebirds .... especially interested in breeding Budgies and Lovebirds ... a friend has got a hold of a breeding flock of each from another friend in his store.

This is in Baker Street in Enfield.


An aquarium and a few Salamandra salamandra terrestris larvae, with some fastuosa in there somewhere.


A friend of mine got hold of this Common Snapper who then sold it to another friend of mine who put it in a one metre long tank. Same tank I have as a terrarium for my Fire Salamanders.

Friday, 6 May 2016


A few fish at my mates shop in Enfield ..

Some small to medium size Angels, always a popular fish among tropical fish enthusiasts ..

While you there why don't you P-P-P-P-Pick up a Penguin?! (groaner I know!)


After a long, long wait and my Sony Cybershot being technically broken for about 6 months I have finally gotten around to replacing it!

My Sony has a 50x zoom, which I cannot use anything close to any longer and has now been relegated to being permanently attached to a tripod for filming in the house. As short range it can still manage to do.

After an arduous journey and battle with London's public transport, some stupid mistakes and several times where I had to stop and hand near my pocket to grab my phone and call for an ambulance, I managed to somehow struggle through it and find the camera!

Rather oddly I had left the address behind of the Camera World store I was aiming for and though I knew its rough location I was a bit worried about ending up in hospital so headed for faithful old Jessops!

Before even exiting the station at Russell Square on the way there I was slumped against a wall on a staircase!

Only when I got to where Jessops was the last time I was in there ... it was not there!

That is the other problem with Fibromyalgia ... memory problems! I had forgotten to take the address to Camera World with me and never thought of checking to see if Jessops was still at the location it was when I was last in the in New Oxford Street! Dumb-arse!

I do not know if the slumping against the wall ore the burning, tingling feelings I had for thirty minutes afterwards was anything to do with Fibromyalgia, lack of blood pressure pills or something else? Or just an unfit bastard? Was a bit rough though, which means a lot of i say that.

Walking up Oxford Street instead of heading back into Tottenham Court Road, where some loom directed me, I walked past some scaffolding and there was a PC World! I know, I know I have had a refurbished item from them and it could have happened again. But I just wandered in just to see if they had a display one. They did. It was huge!

I saw an older gentleman who looked Indian standing  looking miserable. I got the impression he might not be happy as all the younger sales people probably intercepted any sales and I asked "Well you look like your not doing much?"

After initial shock someone asked him something and walking him tot he camera I asked if they had any in stock. They did. He got the box out, I checked for any seals over the lid of the box, dead give-away to refurbished items, and there were none.

Often there are these little seals that are clear but when pulled off say the word 'void' in gold that magically appear.

I had these on three Nikon cameras I bought a few years back from Argos. Nikon do not put any seals on their box and Argos swore blind they did not do it and stated it was Nikon. Wrong.

I also had an Olympus camera that went wrong in a line of consecutively received and amounting to four cameras from Argos.

I had one professional Corsair Vengeance Keyboard with a large dent in the aluminium base plate from PC World, just in case you were wondering. Oddly the Roccas Ryos keyboard I exhhanged that one for and around 8 months down the line started missing keystroke now and then and also adding one, or even bloody two extra keystrokes! So I guess we can safely take a stab in the dark about where that came from?

To be fair the Sony Cybershot came from PC World and that was new. It ias also the only thing that I have bought that has worked flawlessly for well over two years until it got dropped on its head and it still works to a degree!

Anyhoo ...

Thought you would like to see the new camera?

Nikon Coolpix P900 ....