Friday, 28 July 2017


I have had a serious issue going on for seven months now.

It should have not gone on this long but it did.

There was delay after delay and I am not even sure why, with most if not all of them.

As I stated on my corruption blog .. it will mean some big changes when it occurs and will mean that I can buy a shed load of things that are for professionals, like camera equipment.

But before I could buy anything else I needed something that would help me acquire these other tools, of which there is a long list.

Of course one of the other issues I have had is that I use my mountain bike for a lot of work and .. well the weather has been dreadful for me and my health condition. My condition does not like it when it is hot and humid and it was exactly that of late.

Well .. that is until it turned to rain and last night I could heard this horrendous and loud noise and I thought 'That sounds like really, really heavy rain but that kind of rain I have not witnessed before!'

I got up and looked out my window and I think many local Indian people could be forgiven for thinking they had been teleported back to India in he middle of a monsoon!

Anyway yeah so I needed the bike and as has been the case for years now .. if it is really hot, raining or even just a wind stronger than 10mph then getting anything done wildlife wise, or anything else for that matter .. is impossible!

But ..

.. not anymore!

As I stated previously .. many tools to come! Lol!!

Hmm a host of new shops, countries and breeders can now be reached by me! LMAO!

Sunday, 9 April 2017

ALPINE NEWTS COURTING - Mesotriton alpestris alpestris

I made another stupid error and without realising it, until after an hour searching for newt eggs, I realised I had lost some newts that had gone walkabout.

I was left with a single plump female Alpine Newt that was plump with eggs and I had just spent an hour looking for what turned out to be infertile eggs! Dumb-arse!

Anyway I picked up a male from someone I know, as the female still looked plump, and I plonked him in the tank.

Only immediately I noticed the female rushing across the tank towards him and at first I just assumed she saw the movement and thought he was potential food?

But I decided to watch and when she got up to him she nudged at his cloaca region continuously and I grabbed the camera. He immediately started tail fanning her, where he came out of a cage 3 minutes before with no tail fanning going on. Then to my surprise she started tail fanning him?!

I had not seen this behaviour in any female newt beforehand and I have been doing this a very long time.

I had figured that I had come across a unique event which was bought about by a very plump female wanting to lay the rest of her eggs who had spent a whole winter with no male and no scent of a male in her aquarium. I had emptied the water out twice so there would not have been any scents at all in the water.

Then with her fit to burst and had already laid half a dozen female eggs I drop in a male Alpine Newt still in condition, mostly, and she must have picked up his scent and rushed over to him.

He had come out of another tank that had several other Alpine Newts of both sexes and I had not seen any courting going on at all but yet after having his cloaca nudged and a little tail fanning from the female his immediately started tail fanning her!

They then spent a long time following each other around the small aquarium they live in.

I guess I will get fertile eggs from these two after all?

I have several pictures for viewers and I even have a video of that female tail dance ...

Wednesday, 5 April 2017


After a lengthy hiatus caused by health issues brought about by a couple of evil UK public services I am ... back.

After 2016 got ruined in so many ways by so many different people I now plan to get my content not only back to to where I was, frequency wise, two years ago but fully intend to go way beyond that even.

I have had several things in development but did not want to say too much about them previously and I still do not want to say too much.

Among many things there are two main ones and these are now both inevitable and the one that will bring about the biggest changes by far I am now in the period of which it could end. This is an 8 to 12 week period and I could be theoretically into week 10. So it could finalise in two weeks.

However ... more a subject for my corruption blog and at a later date ... another evil failed public service refuses to state if they are working on this when they are working on it or even when it is likely to end. When you realise what it is you will ask yourself why in the world they are refusing to release this information. Trust me on that and even my landlord and landlady are absolutely dumbstruck about their attitude believing I have every right to be told.

It is not just me and there are at least 8 of us in the exact same boat.

I also have something else ending in about four to eight weeks and I hope the two things coincide but I hope to at least be informed about the former before the latter ends.

When the details of this one are realised it will become obvious some major changes are going to take place but I am not sure how much and in theory, at least, these changes could well be humongous. But for an unknown criminal factor. Lol.

The other of the two things will also bring about its own changes too and it has already motivated me into action.

Even today I will shortly be off out to acquire content to be uploaded to various blogs and my YouTube channel.

I have still been up to many things ... just my actions and endeavours took a wild hit during 2016 ... but ...

Anyone recall the Giant Pyrenean Fire Salamanders I own giving birth? Well here is a video of two of those now not so youngsters ...

The bigger one in thew video is at least 4 inches long.

There are three, was four but stupid schoolboy error cost me one of them.

Also keeping an eye on adults as in around a month or two new babies should appear, more than there was last year and a great deal healthier this time around.

Monday, 30 May 2016


The paired up Perez's Frogs did actually lay eggs in my friend's shop in Enfield.

They have also now not only hatched but were free swimming when I was in there next.

Here are a few videos which includes some Iguanas, Chameleon and a Glass Lizard ...

A Glass Lizard ...

A Veiled Chameleon, or Yemen Chameleon ...

Couple of Green Iguanas ...

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

PEREZ'S FROG IN AMPLEXUS (Pelophylax perezi)

In a friends store he has some unusual looking Perez's Frogs without much blotching, if it all and I need to look close.

These have gone into amplexus and might breed.

I might raise some youngsters if they do?

Once again this is a store in Baker Street in Enfield.

Saturday, 14 May 2016


If your into Budgies and Lovebirds .... especially interested in breeding Budgies and Lovebirds ... a friend has got a hold of a breeding flock of each from another friend in his store.

This is in Baker Street in Enfield.


An aquarium and a few Salamandra salamandra terrestris larvae, with some fastuosa in there somewhere.